The colorful life of a local Arcadia artist

80-year-old Scottsdale Artists’ School teacher and local Arcadia artist Jane Wingfield has been teaching art through her vibrant personality and love of vivid color.

Wingfield has been teaching oil painting and calligraphy at the Scottsdale Artists’ School for 30 years. Her paintings are full of bright and bold colors that some people say reflect her vibrant personality.

“Her personality is simply radiating. Her love of art and life is deep,” said Janie Horn, a former student of Wingfield.

Wingfield has exhibited throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix in galleries and art shows. One of her paintings will be up for auction at the Scottsdale Artists’ School’s Beaux Arts 2015 gala on Nov. 14. At the event, more than 150 paintings and sculptures will be sold by a silent auction to raise funds for the non profit organization.

Joni Falk, a fellow Arcadia artist and longtime friend of 40 years, describes Wingfield as fun loving and humorous.

“No matter what she does, it is in a fun way. Her sense of humor is so endearing,” said Falk. “Having a longtime friend is one of the greatest gifts. Jane has been a great gift.”

Horn described Wingfield as upbeat and positive, as well as having an expansive knowledge of art.

“She has such a great sense of humor and such a giving nature. She shares all of her knowledge with her students. I took her class six times because it was so much fun,” said Horn.

Wingfield said she likes to incorporate fun and humor into her oil painting classes.

“I like humor a lot. I kindly make fun of my students. We laugh a lot,” said Wingfield.

Wingfield studied fine arts at the University of Colorado. She is currently a master docent emeritus at the Phoenix Art Museum and has been a docent with the Phoenix Art Museum since 1988.

Wingfield said that her teaching is motivated by her passion of sharing her knowledge of art with others.

“I enjoy teaching and I am so grateful that I have been able to do it for the last 30 years,” Wingfield said.

As a fellow artist, Falk said Wingfield has her own particular artistic style.

“She is very diverse in subject matter. Her work conveys joy with color and design. She is willing to try new and different subjects. She also transmits her broad knowledge to her students,” said Falk.

Wingfield said she loves working with vibrant color and described her oil paintings as impressionistic with a hint realism.

“I don’t think my paintings are depressing. They convey happiness through the colors I use,” said Wingfield.

Wingfield said she moved around a lot as a child because of her father’s job in the oil industry. She said she got her start as an artist when her mother noticed how lonely she was and gave her pencils and crayons to spark her interest in the arts.

“I went to many schools. We lived in Louisiana, Texas and did a brief stay in Wyoming before settling in Midland, Texas,” said Wingfield. “I didn’t have any friends. I was so different and you don’t want to be different at that age.”

Fifty years ago Wingfield moved from San Francisco to Arcadia when her husband was transferred to Phoenix for his job. She said she fell in love with the area. Her three children grew up in the Arcadia community and attended Arcadia area schools.

“Arcadia is beautiful — green and lovely. I can’t think of a better place to live. It is home,” Wingfield said.

When Wingfield’s children were in school she was very involved in the community serving on the school board and was involved with the Save Arcadia committee along with countless other community involvements.

“Not only is she a good artist but she is a good citizen,” said Horn.

Wingfield said that it is inspired by beauty, color and fun.

“I am inspired by beauty, color and people. I especially love to see people having fun,” said Wingfield. “My mother always encouraged me to look at beautiful things and draw and paint them. I just never stopped drawing.”


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