Public Relations Research Report


Jolyn Swimwear & Clothing Company 


From the pool to the sand, the Jolyn Clothing Company has been providing female athletes with quality swimwear since 2007. Creator Warren Pedersen set out to create a brand of swimwear focusing on fit, detail and style. The company, based in Huntington Beach, California, has spiked in popularity among the swimming and surfing community since 2010 with their unique style that has revolutionized performance swimwear.

Women’s competitive swimwear was lacking in style, especially two-piece suits, prior to the creation of the Jolyn suit. Suits were unattractive, unsuitable and boring before the Jolyn Clothing Company. The difference between Jolyn swimsuits and the competition is the tie-straps, fun prints and comfortable fit available to women.

Jolyn celebrates powerful women, and is dedicated to providing active women quality merchandise. Clients of the brand range from Olympic athletes and surfers to water-aficionados alike. The company has no store front, and thrives entirely on internet sales, trunk shows and  social media to conduct business.



  1. Strong Social Media

The Jolyn Clothing Company has more than 15 social media accounts dedicated to different regions in the United States and abroad. The main Jolyn Instagram account has nearly 172,000 followers and averages 5,000 likes a post.  In comparison, Speedo USA has 148,000 followers on Instagram. Jolyn has Instagram accounts for different regions in the U.S. to advertise local trunk shows. World regions such as Europe, Australia and Asia also have accounts for customers abroad to follow for the latest news and trunk shows.


2.  Social Media Contests

Through Instagram Jolyn offers contests on social media for fans of the brand to submit photos to win swimsuits and other merchandise. Contests normally included a theme, and engage customers. For example, during the Olympics Jolyn asked followers to post a picture demonstrating “Team USA Spirit” using the hashtag #JolynAmericana. The contest received over 115 entries. The Jolyn hashtag alone has over 23,650 public posts and counting.


3. Fashionable Active Swimwear

Women’s swimwear that was long-lasting, made for activity, and fashionable was hard to come by before Jolyn swimsuits. What sets Jolyn apart from large competitors, like Speedo and TYR, is the straps available on the suits. The most revolutionizing strap was the fixable tie-strap available on the original suits. This strap is not allowed in competition because of FINA rules, but is great for both water polo and swim practice. It is a popular style among customers.


4. Customer Loyalty

Jolyn first gained traction among the swimming, water polo and surfing communities. It instantly became an epidemic among age group swimmers and water polo players. Girls collect the different styles and patterns while rummaging through local trunk shows to find unique pieces. It is not uncommon for a swimmer to own more than five Jolyn suits. A recent consumer interviewed owned 22 swimsuit pieces from Jolyn. These customers are loyal to the brand, and offer valuable feedback to Jolyn.

5. Affordable Price

Jolyn offers affordable prices for a quality product. Individual pieces range from $25-35 depending on the style. One-piece suits are $55-65. Competitors, such as Speedo, offer similar one-piece suits for $70-80. TYR offers a similar unprinted tie-back bikini top for $30.

6. Trunk Shows

The Jolyn Clothing Company conducts in person sales at trunk shows. These trunk shows post-up at swim meets, water polo games, beach events and anywhere in-between. Trunk shows allow Jolyn to be mobile and to reach a broader audience. Clients at the show are able to try on  different sizes and fits, as well as find “sold-out” styles.



  1. Keeping merchandise stocked

Jolyn occasionally sells out of styles and sizes. By not having sizes available, Jolyn is missing out on potential sales. Customers could be compelled to buy swimsuits from competitors that are better stocked.

2. Frequency of emails

Jolyn sends emails mainly for sale events and to announce new products. The emails are fun and creative, but not frequent. Jolyn should be sending out more of these emails to generate interest and to gain more viewership on their blog. Jolyn could increase sales and gain more attention through generating more in emails.

3. Blog

As of September 6, 2016, the Jolyn company has only posted 14 stories to the company blog. Blog posts range from feature stories, workout sets, company updates, and recipes. The company should take advantage of this platform and post more stories to generate interest. The layout of the blog isn’t orderly, and should be organized by individual article. The current blog has four or five stories on a page, and it is hard to tell where one story ends and another begins.


Millennial women-                15-34 year-olds

Active women-                        Active in water sports

Teams-                                      High School/College water polo and swim teams

Caucasian women-            A majority of the swimming/ water polo community in the U.S. are caucasian.


Lifestyle choice- Women who wear Jolyn swimwear are more active and live healthier lives than the average American woman.

Water workouts- These women are more likely to know how to swim, and prefer water workouts compared to dry land exercises.


Jolyn is available online. Anyone with a computer, a payment card, and an address can purchase a Jolyn. California is where Jolyn launched to success, and has deeper customer roots. It is easier to come across a trunk show in Southern and Northern California.

Trunk shows are available in almost every state for those who want to purchase in person. Arizona, Colorado, South Carolina, New York, and Hawaii are among the many states that host trunk shows. Jolyn has a representative in every geographical region of the United States. Abroad Jolyn has hosted trunk shows in Japan, Czech Republic and Canada.



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